Biometric Devices

An overview of manufacturers of biometric devices, as well as links to reviews of these devices.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint recognition is currently the most used biometric solution. There are many types of fingerprint readers to choose from, these can be divided into four categories: optical readers, capacitive or CMOS readers, ultrasound readers and thermal readers. Fingerprint reader devices are further divided into touch and swipe readers. More about fingerprint readers.

Fingerprint readers which were reviewed by

Iris Scanners

Iris recognition is not yet in wide use, mainly because of earlier patent limitations and the fact that some governments invested a lot in fingerprint recognition. Iris recognition can be applied, there exist suitable hardware and software from different vendors currently targeted at governments and large corporations.

  • Iris ID Systems, a spin-off of LG electronics
  • IrisGuard, a company specialized in large scale security solutions based on iris recognition